2017 GO Project Fall Cocktail Party

November 02, 2017   New York, NY

Young Leadership Council (YLC)

The Young Leadership Council (YLC) of the GO Project, is a group of young professionals committed to promoting and bringing awareness to the GO Project's mission. Many current members are also long-term volunteers for the organization, spending their Saturday mornings with our students. Along with increasing visibility for GO, the Council helps the organization raise funds to support programming through events like the Fall Cocktail Party.

Current YLC Members

Co-Chairs: Jarrett Bell, Abigail Gibbons, Jonathan Gilbert, Rebecca Hsu, Valentia Villetti, Brett Wager

Nate Aiken, Alex Ardolino, Katherine Bedkowski, Tom Behringer, Nick Belfanti, Zachary Berger, Scott Blumenfeld, Rudy Bocchicchio, Sarah Brooks, Dave Campbell, Rachael Carlin, Simone Collins, Kerry Cooperman, Claire Fitzpatrick, Solene Goycochea, Brian Haber, Brian Kim, Emi Kiyoizumi, Charlaine Leung, Jamie McCormick, Ross Mechanic, John Mihovics, Alex Plavner, James Peng, Vickram Pradhan, Daniela Quintanilla, Christina Ren, Katherine Reynolds, Tugba Rona, Marissa Solomon, Stephanie Sung, Nicholas Tamaccio, Alexandru Trambitas, Vivian Vo